sacop Livelihood Project Reports, January 2013

duck project supported by EVACF
Name of Project: DUCK RAISING
Location: Kalinga,Apayao
Loan amount: P10,000.00

The EVACF Loan granted to me for the last four (4) years was of great help in augmenting the income of my family.  I’m invested in for my Backyard Duck Raising.  Raising of duck is very much sensitive to weather especially when it is cold. Sometimes we cannot avoid mortality. That’s why some ducks died due to environmental factors and change of temperature. I renewed my loan in order to use for making permanent brooders and materials to  fence its surroundings to protect them from stray animals.

Thank you so much for the loan assistance granted to us by EVACF through its’ President Ms. Jennifer Wallum .


Sari Sari Store owner and borrower of SACOP loan
Name of Project: SARI-SARI STORE
Location: Veterans Village, Quezon City
Loan amount: P10,000.00

The EVACF Loan granted to me was of great help in augmenting my capital in my sari-sari store project. The location of my sari-sari store is near the market and two (2) schools. And to meet the demands of my costumers, more goods need to be purchase and with the loan granted to me by the EVACF, it was able to materialize. This small project I had, help in augmenting the income of my family.

And with this, I would like to thank the EVACF through its’ President Ms. Jennifer Wallum for the help extended to us. Thank you very much. More power and Godbless.


Name of Project: TILAPIA RAISING
Location: Solano, Nueva Vizcaya
Loan amount: P10,000.00

The EVACF Loan granted to me was of great help in augmenting my capital in my tilapia raising project. The small project I had, and with the financial help of the EVACF loan to NCIP employees like me did not only help me and my family financially but also my cousin whom I paid for looking out of my project for me. Tilapia raising that time has not been easy for me because of the successive typhoons that came in to our country. But nonetheless, I still generated a small amount of income when we harvested this tilapia.

And with this, I would like to thank the EVACF through its’ President Ms. Jennifer Wallum for the help extended to us. Thank you very much. More power and Godbless.


Name of Project: SARI-SARI STORE
Location: Solano, Nueva Vizcaya
Loan amount: P10,000.00

The EVACF Livelihood Loan granted to me for the last 3 years has been a big help not only for me, but to my family and my neighbors as well. It helped a lot in augmenting the income and other miscellaneous expenses of our  family. It helped a lot especially when I renew my loan for additional purchased of goods and commodities needed by our  customers and “suki”. I was able to expand the sari-sari store to a much bigger space because of the help of EVACF Loan.  I have purchased other merchandise needed by our neighbors, their primary needs such as retailing rice by kilos, charcoal  by bags/packs, sugar, cooking oil and others. Hence, EVACF loan has been my partner in improving and maintaining the sari-sari store.

Indeed, I’m very grateful and very happy for such help  of  livelihood loan given to us by Ms. Jenny Wallum. Thank you very much and long live EVACF.


Livelihood Project Reports, 2011

On February 22, 2011, EVACF founder and three EVACF volunteers undertook a day trip to Pampanga to visit with some of the recipients of SACOP loans. EVACF has provided to SACOP PHP 650,000.00 interest free, SACOP in turn manages micro-loans to women in the Pampanga area, which are designed to help them develop their businesses. We were able to meet with some of the women who have received loans through SACOP and understand how relatively modest amounts have benefited their businesses and their families.

Susana Tejada utilised her loan of PHP 8,000.00 to expand her Polvoron manufacturing business. Since taking her loan last year, Susana’ s project has been so successful, that not only has she paid back the original loan and she has also managed to open a small corinderia in her house. Susana runs the Corinderia 24 hours a day during the week and uses the weekend to produce Polvoron. Susana is a single mother with five children, all of whom help with the family business when they are not at school.

Fiona Napao took over the Sari Sari store attached to her parents house in San Rafael, Mexico a few years ago. She took a PHP 10,000.00 loan from SACOP in December last year to expand the available inventory. The clean and attractive Sari Sari now earns approximately PHP 3,000.00 a day which benefits Fiona’s whole family.

Mary Ann Cueller’s small Sari Sari in San Rafael, Mexico, took a loan of PHP 5,000 to expand her stock. She told us that although it was a small loan it made a big difference to her and her children’s lives and meant she could avoid taking unofficial loans, (which have substantially higher interest rates). The loan has been paid back and the store now makes enough that she can pay the daily allowance for her three children to attend school and replenish her stock regularly.

Elmie Esguera’s loan of PHP 10,000.00 allowed her and her husband to open a Mini Grocery store attached to their home in Paroba Mexico. The store is well made from sturdy materials and is kept very tidy. The Mini Grocery generates revenue of approximately PHP 3,000.00 each day which has allowed them to repay the loan fully and helps them to keep the store stocked and to support their three children. The couple’s long term aspiration is to open a bakery.

Ana Marie Pacheco has a small Sari Sari store attached to her home in Sabanila Mexico which she has run for the past 13 years. Ana Marie requested a loan of PHP 8,000.00 last year to allow her to expand her stock. Ana Marie puts all proceeds from the store back into her business which she hopes to be able to continue to expand. Ana Marie sells phone credit and frozen items in her store in addition to providing micro loans to other members of the community to purchase small electrical goods.

Maria May Esguera has owned her Sari Sari store in Sabanila Mexico for ten years and took her loan of PHP 8,000.00 to expand her stock. The Sari Sari store generates income of between PHP500 and 1000 daily and helps to pay her son’s school fees while also helping to support her husband while he is studying to become a civil engineer.

Imelda Layag of Anao Mexico has a store attached to her family’s ancestral home and also operates a rolling market both of which sell fruit and vegetables, meat and fish. Imelda has had her business for ten years and requested her SACOP loan to help her expand her business to include more groceries as well as fresh produce. Imelda’s business helps to support her family, including her two children while her husband is working in Afghanistan as a security officer.

Anne Bulters, EVACF member

Livestock Raising

Livelihood Project Grants have been provided for carabao and carts.  Achievements to date are as follows:

  • 7 i.s.o.
  • 6 carts
  • Carabao provided to Aeta in Ayala Tent City, Magalang, have since produced calves.
  • Carabao provided to Aeta in Camias, Porac, where women have ownership. “Many livelihood loan fund projects
    involve livestock raising, pigs, ducks, chickens, goats and a Carabao Credit Fund for Aeta women will be created

Handicraft Production

Many livelihood units produce quality handicrafts with a Mt. Pinatubo theme.  These items are designed and created
exclusively for EVA, and most are made at least in part from Mt. Pinatubo itself - paper, ceramics and glazes of
volcanic residue.  The items are then sold to fund EVA's work.  Thus, EVA's fundraising creates more jobs in the region.

Small Retail Stores

A Bakery Business in Talak

A Bakery Business in Talak

Tahan Walang Hagdanan workshop

Woodworker at Tahan Walang Hagdanan Workshop

EVA Volunteers visit a rice wholesaler

An EVA Volunteer visiting a Sweet Shop

A Clothing Shop

Mount Pinatubo Trekkers

The lunar landscape of the Mount Pinatubo Crater has grown into a popular hiking destination for adventurous locals and tourists alike.  The Aetas of Santa Juliana, the starting point for tours of the Crater, have long been active as guides for treks into the crater.  Having lived their lives on the slopes of the volcano prior to its eruption, they are intimately familiar with the region and the changes that have taken place since the eruption.

Recently, with the help of the EVA Charity Foundation, a group of Aetas have begun organizing their own ecotourism tours.  Through their efforts, they are hoping to give steady employment to Aeta guides from the region and maintain the environmental purity of the Crater.  With the assistance of outside donors, EVA has managed to supply the organization with tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks and water bottles.  In addition, an EVA member, who runs an international tourism business, gave the group training in dealing with foreign clients, preparing pre-trip packing lists for guests and other tips. (Click here for photos)

This is only the beginning.  The Aetas' dreams for the future include a cultural center at the base of the Crater, designated parking areas to preserve the environment, and further training in environmental safety and tourism for new guides.  Anyone interested in helping with donations of time, equipment or money would be most welcome.  Those interested in trekking can contact the Department of Tourism at (045) 9612665 or 9612612 or the Santa Juliana Multipurpose Cooperative at Cell no. (0973) 605364 or (0973) 538475.


EVA funds also provide equipment and training for small livelihood groups in the Pinatubo Region.  These investments, primarily involving Aeta women, enable them to support their families, thus keeping their children off the streets and keeping the indigenous community intact.

Recent EVACF-SACOP Loan Projects:

3 Cycle-parts, 8 Sari-sari, 1 grocery, 1 Carinderia, 1 coconut & charcoal trading, 3 Native Kakanin making, 2 auto supply shop, 1 meriendahan, 1 merchandising, 1 chicharon dealer, 1 egg dealer, 1 photo video, 1 rolling store. The locations are: 4 in Arayat, 17 Porac, 1 Maryland resetlement, 3 San Simon, 3 Bacolor, 2 Minalin, 1 Angeles City, 1 Magalang.

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