Springboard and EVA Aspects of Art AETA School
Bilolo, Orion, Bataan

The Springboard AETA school was funded with the help of the Springboard Foundation and opened in March 2005. This is the next step school linked with EVA Aspects of Art First school in the same campus. The two schools serve elementary school children in the daytime; adult literacy and numeracy classes in the evening; and cultural and health activities at weekends.

News 2012:  The Officers of NCIP3 report that Springboard School now has 3 teachers with 78   IP  students attending up to Grade 6.

This is the first TOE2S school with teacher residence facilities.

A small generator was donated to evacf and was given to this school during 2006.

springboard school inauguration

mother and baby at the springboard school

dancing at the opening   dancing at the school opening   dancing at the school opening
Everyone enjoyed the dancing at the school opening celebrations.
the indigenous dance audience   kids at the school   family at the school   school buildings

The EVA Aspects of Art school was founded in November 2001

From 2004 the Soroptomists adopted this facility and are helping with funding. The community has expanded greatly, with many people getting income, acting as tour guides of Mount Pinatubo Crater. The school is used as a kindergarten in the morning and for adult literacy and livelihood training later in the day.

Aspects of Art learning aspects